If you happen to spend a lot of time in your day commuting to and from work you’ll love our PageKeeper® bookmark! You’re constantly opening and closing your book and the PageKeeper® bookmark makes it easy to never lose your place, automatically. Whether you’re on a bus, subway or commuter train you’ll never lose your place with the PageKeeper® bookmark firmly attached to your book! No more “dog ears!”

Here are fans comments…

"I’m certain this is the first time (in all my years) that I’ve read a book and didn’t lose my place many times. Usually I would find I had lost the bookmark or the bookmark had fallen out of the book and I must find my place again. I didn’t lose my place ever using this PageKeeper."
- June, Location Unknown.

“It does exactly what I had hoped it would do: - It keeps my place when I’m done reading;- Whether I gently close the book; - Whether I close it in a hurry (such as when it is time to get off the commuter train, - or when my turn arrives in the grocery store checkout line); But most importantly, it keeps my place when I fall asleep while reading at night."
- TT, Highland Park, IL

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