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PageKeeper® bookmark has found its way into the hearts and books of many book lovers! Whether you’re relaxing in your favourite lazy-boy or stretched out in bed PageKeeper® bookmark will make sure you never lose your place, automatically! PageKeeper® bookmark has been a wonderful friend to many who have fallen asleep only to wake up to find where they left off!

Here are some fans comments…

"The PageKeeper®(s) came today. Love them. I read paperbacks all the time - particularly in my nightly bubble bath. This makes turning the pages so effortless. I was told about these by a 77 year old friend of mine..."
- TC, Gold Beach, OR

"At Christmas I was given one of your “PageKeeper” book marks. I found it to be one of the best gifts I’d been given. The more I used it, the more I wondered why no one ever designed one that way before. It stayed in place when you closed the book & turning pages was easy. I have trouble with my hands and found your “PageKeeper” helped me. (I read a lot – 4 or 5 books a week) A good product!!"
- RGH, Buffalo, NY

"It was such a pleasure to give them to friends and family. We do most of our reading in bed and often go to sleep. It is great to find our place still marked when we wake up!"
- EM, Woodbridge, VA

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