Travel / Vacation

How many times have you had to open and close a book while traveling on a plane or train? Hundreds! We’re constantly doing it… PageKeeper® bookmark silently keep your place without having to look for something to mark your place! Even if you drop your book getting up from your seat PageKeeper® bookmark will automatically hold your place because its firmly attached to your hard or soft cover book and follows you along page by page. PageKeeper® bookmark will always keep your place!

Ever find yourself reading while relaxing on the beach or on vacation? You bet! PageKeeper® bookmark will help you get that all over tan because it keeps your place while holding your book with one hand! It’s the perfect bookmark for frequent opening and closing of your book. You’ll need multiple PageKeeper® bookmarks for all the books you’ve taken on holiday!

Fans comment…

"A friend gave this to me and it is the greatest little invention!! I’d be lost without mine!"
- PC, Bellevue, WA

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your product!!! I received one as a gift last year, and now I can't go back to my former bookmark life! :) I just ordered this one for my friend's birthday, and he loved it - so did everyone at the party."
- SJC, Nashville, TN

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